It is always an exciting time in the gaming industry when a new console (even a miniature one) is released. Nintendo‘s 3DS just hit the market in the U.S. today at midnight, exciting fans everywhere. Buyers stand in line for hours on end, facing various weather conditions and meeting random, yet colorful, individuals in the process. If you were lucky enough to be in New York City for Nintendo’s official launch, then you had the chance to meet Reggie as he kicked the party into motion.

Unfortunately for the rest of us responsible college students, the 3DS will have to wait. In honor of launch day, however, I did go get my hands on one for the first time. If it wowed me, then I would have bought it then and there, throwing caution to the winds and giving some living in the now excuse. Although I think the system is impressive, it can wait till more…appealing…games are released.

The demo game I had the chance to play was Street Fighter IV, and the 3D isn’t the expected pop out of the screen image one would expect; it’s rather the 3D imaging has been reversed. Instead of the characters coming to you, the 3D effect is like looking through a window. If possible, you could reach your hand through the screen and passed the characters to background beyond. Avoid looking over a friend’s shoulder who’s playing though, or your eyes will being to scream murder…

The graphics are incredible for the tiny system and the touch screen resolution terrific. When the Ocarina of Time re-release and Kid Icarus are available, I will surely buy a 3DS at that point.